My name is Alexandra Giamanco, and I am a professional photographer in Tampa, Florida.
I've been a Walt Disney World annual pass holder since 2001, so I've been capturing Disney moments for a long time now. My Disney Photos website is a place for me to revisit and share some of my favorite photos I took around the parks over the years. I am not selling any of these images because most, if not all, Disney structures and attractions are trademarked and copyrighted, so I have no legal grounds to do so. All the photos on this website have also been copyrighted by me, because I took them, so I would really appreciate it if you didn't feel the need to steal them. This website is meant to be like a gallery, except that instead of walking through it and admiring the art works on a real wall, you can scroll down from the comfort of your favorite armchair. 
This is my personal website, so no commercial activity will be happening on here at any given time.
If you'd like to contact me for any reason you can do so through my Instagram account here. I however, do not respond to marketer's requests, as I am not in the market to market anything.

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